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Westerwood Whitening

Whitening Strips Sample

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This is a sample only, this contains one set of strips for 1 day use. The item is free although requires a postage cost of £1.99 

1 per person only, all orders for multiple will be treated as one

    Whitening Strips Sample


    Are they safe for my teeth?

    Yes! Our whitening strips are formulated to be effective and gentle. Not only will they gradually and effectively whiten your teeth, but our products also contain active demineralising agents.

    How Quickly will I see results?

    Most people will see results after the first use, like all whitening the more you whiten the more continual improvement you will see. It is also important to maintain good oral hygiene to achieve optimum results.

    How long will the product last?

    Each pack contains 28 strips, 14 upper strips and 14 lower strips. We recommend that they are used every day so this product should last 2 weeks. Once opened, our products will last a minimum of 2 years and 4 years if unopened.

    How long will my teeth stay white?

    Our products like all whitening will last as long as it’s maintained, good oral hygiene, reducing your intake of staining food and drinks such as coffee will help maintain sparkling results. All whitening no matter the treatment, changes the shade of your teeth essentially forever, keeping them the whitest white is the trick. We recommend making gentle whitening a part of your oral regime going forward this is imperative to long lasting results.

    Will this whiten veneers, composite, or false teeth?

    Ultimately no, these products are only designed to whiten natural teeth. Although some clinicians believe it can help maintain the shading of ceramic restorations.

    I have issues with my teeth, can I use this?

    If you have any concerns at all, it is best to speak to your dentist. We would recommend speaking to your dentist before using any new whitening product.